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Understanding Valgrind memory leak reports

I tried to write a tutorial focusing on the type of memory leaks as detected internally by Valgrind and the generated output leak reports.

The PDF is available in the following URL:

And the simple C tester to generate each type of memory leak (cases 1 to 9 in the Valgrind Manual) is available here:

Comments, fixes, whatever… highly appreciated. You could even send me a diff file to the original LaTeX source, available in:

The document is licensed under the GFDL 1.3, and the tester is published in the public domain.


Simple LaTeX template for Books

I prepared a simple LaTeX template for Books and/or eBooks (“book” document class), showing the usage of several common packages (“geometry”, “inputenc”, “setspace”, “fancyhdr”, “tocloft”}.

You can download the source LaTeX template here!

And get a PDF using GNU Texinfo..
$> texi2pdf book_template.tex

Resulting PDF can be seen here!