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Talking at FOSDEM 2014


Third time in a row, I’ll also be giving a talk at FOSDEM this year:
LTE in your Linux based system

The talk is an introduction to QMI and MBIM devices, how they are exposed by the Linux kernel, and how you can use them from the command line through libqmi, libmbim and ModemManager.

See you there!


FOSDEM talk slides online

The slides of my talk about LTE and ModemManager in FOSDEM are now online at the Lanedo articles website:


Only some days left for FOSDEM 2012; which this [1] year is organized in Brussels (Belgium).

For anyone interested, I’ll be giving a talk about LTE and ModemManager in the Telephony devroom (room H.2213), in the best time slot possible: Sunday 5th at 09:00 am. If you wake up that early just to attend the talk, you’ll get cookies for free!! [2].

Some GNU hackers will also attend the conference, but this year there won’t be a GNU devroom. If you want to suggest a place for dinner on Friday or Saturday, please do so in the ghm-discuss mailing list.

Cheers and see you there!

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

[1] (and every)
[2] no, this is not true