Monthly Archives: July 2010

My pictures from Aspen here and there

Sometime ago the people organizing the Boostcon contacted me to see if they could publish a picture I took in Aspen during my participation in the NVOSS. Even if I’m a pure ANSI C guy, I accepted 🙂

Aspen Meadows resort

This last week, the german online magazine ScienceGarden contacted me for exactly the same reason, but they chose different pictures:

Aspen Center for Physics
Beautiful Aspen

So, if any other person wants to publish more images of Aspen, feel free, and a reference is always appreciated!


Lanedo, Tracker, Devhelp, GHM, GUADEC…

So, starting on April 1st (not a fools’ day joke!), I’m now employed by Lanedo GmbH, and full-time working on the Gnome Tracker project, mainly involved in FTS and the filesystem miner.

It was great to work with everyone in Azetti Networks. Keep Jardin and Waterfall alive!

I also hacked a new feature for Gnome Devhelp, the possibility of enabling or disabling specific books, which was integrated into git master last week, and will make it for the 3.0 release.

Oh, and I’ll be attending both the GHM and GUADEC in The Hague!