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Talking at FOSDEM 2014


Third time in a row, I’ll also be giving a talk at FOSDEM this year:
LTE in your Linux based system

The talk is an introduction to QMI and MBIM devices, how they are exposed by the Linux kernel, and how you can use them from the command line through libqmi, libmbim and ModemManager.

See you there!

GUADEC-ES, 2013-10-18, Madrid

Banner GUADEC-ES 2013

Este fin de semana celebramos en Madrid la décima edición de GUADEC-ES, la version hispana de la conferencia europea para desarrolladores y usuarios de GNOME.

Si quieres asistir, sólo tienes que registrarte y pasarte el Viernes 18, Sábado 19 y Domingo 20 de Octubre por las estupendas instalaciones de MediaLab-Prado.

El Viernes a las 19:30 participaré en una mesa redonda junto a Juan José Marín y Florian Müllner, y el Sábado a las 18:15 daré una charla sobre D-Bus. Aparte de eso, si quieres saber más sobre ModemManager o Tracker, no dudes en buscarme y hablamos :)

¡Alli nos vemos!

GNOME.Asia 2012

Finally back home after attending GNOME.Asia 2012 and some vacation time afterwards.


CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Sammy Fung

The conference started on Friday afternoon, with a design workshop managed by Allan Day, Jakub Steiner and William Jon McCann. It was pretty interesting, truth be told, and I particularly enjoyed how Jakub played with Inkscape to create the icon of “GNOME Ball” (now we just need a program for the icon). I truly want to spend more time with Inkscape now, and try to draw something better than my previous attempts to draw an icon/logo.


CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, Sammy Fung

I gave two talks during the first day of the conference, one about Tracker (slides here) and another one about ModemManager (slides here). The talks were recorded, but official videos of the talks are not yet available on the Internet.


Thanks to the usual jet lag, I also found time to develop the application-menu support for Devhelp during my stay in Hong Kong. The code is currently available in the ‘application-menu’ branch in the gnome git repo, and tracked at GB#677927.


Finally, thanks to my employer, Lanedo GmbH, for sponsoring my attendance to this great conference!


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