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Speaking at GNOME.Asia 2012 (Hong Kong)

Only 3 weeks left for GNOME.Asia, this year in the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

According to the current schedule I’ll be giving two talks on Saturday June 9th:

  • An introduction to Tracker, SPARQL and whatnot:
    Tracker is not (only) a search engine: it is a semantic data storage, powered by RDF ontologies, Nepomuk, and the SPARQL protocol. Tracker is one of the core building blocks of the MeeGo Harmattan operating system; and since release 2.30, it is also a blessed external dependency in GNOME. But it wasn’t until GNOME 3 and the first release of GNOME Documents that it started to get some really good attention… and there is more to come!
  • ModemManager revamped: now supporting LTE/4G modems:
    ModemManager, along with NetworkManager, provides easy-to-use broadband modem connections in the GNOME desktop. With new requirements coming along with the new LTE (4G) communication standards, ModemManager got not only a face-lift, but also a deep surgery to improve its codebase and the way it supports vendor-specific plugins.

    The new ModemManager comes with a new GDBus-powered interface; built-in support for LTE and mixed CDMA+LTE devices; dynamic interfaces and per-interface state machines; helper libmm-common and libmm-glib libraries; a handy “mmcli” command line interface utility; and a new plugin development strategy which is port-type agnostic and based on GIO async calls.

    This talk is an introduction to ModemManager, with special focus on LTE and all the new details and features coming with the new codebase.

Thanks to my employer, Lanedo GmbH, for sponsoring my attendance!


Look ma’, I’m flying!

I’ve always wanted to try to fly in a small airplane, and this weekend my girlfriend got me as birthday present a short introduction into ultra/microlight aircrafts, including a 30-min flight. I operated the aircraft during the whole trip, except for takeoff and engine-less landing, and I even got a video of it!

The flight started from the small town of Camarenilla, and we ended up flying over the beautiful city of Toledo, one of the former capitals of the Spanish Empire.

This short video comes with the original audio:

This long video comes with music, and includes the recording of most of the trip, including landing.