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GUADEC-ES 2014: Zaragoza (Spain), 24th-26th October

A short notice to remind everyone that this weekend a bunch of GNOME hackers and users will be meeting in the beautiful city of Zaragoza (*) (Spain) for the Spanish-speaking GUADEC. The schedule is already available online:

Of course, non-Spanish-speaking people are also very welcome 🙂

See you there!


(*) Hoping not to make enemies: Zárágozá.


GUADEC-ES, 2013-10-18, Madrid

Banner GUADEC-ES 2013

Este fin de semana celebramos en Madrid la décima edición de GUADEC-ES, la version hispana de la conferencia europea para desarrolladores y usuarios de GNOME.

Si quieres asistir, sólo tienes que registrarte y pasarte el Viernes 18, Sábado 19 y Domingo 20 de Octubre por las estupendas instalaciones de MediaLab-Prado.

El Viernes a las 19:30 participaré en una mesa redonda junto a Juan José Marín y Florian Müllner, y el Sábado a las 18:15 daré una charla sobre D-Bus. Aparte de eso, si quieres saber más sobre ModemManager o Tracker, no dudes en buscarme y hablamos 🙂

¡Alli nos vemos!

Lanedo, Tracker, Devhelp, GHM, GUADEC…

So, starting on April 1st (not a fools’ day joke!), I’m now employed by Lanedo GmbH, and full-time working on the Gnome Tracker project, mainly involved in FTS and the filesystem miner.

It was great to work with everyone in Azetti Networks. Keep Jardin and Waterfall alive!

I also hacked a new feature for Gnome Devhelp, the possibility of enabling or disabling specific books, which was integrated into git master last week, and will make it for the 3.0 release.

Oh, and I’ll be attending both the GHM and GUADEC in The Hague!