Simple LaTeX template for Books

I prepared a simple LaTeX template for Books and/or eBooks (“book” document class), showing the usage of several common packages (“geometry”, “inputenc”, “setspace”, “fancyhdr”, “tocloft”}.

You can download the source LaTeX template here!

And get a PDF using GNU Texinfo..
$> texi2pdf book_template.tex

Resulting PDF can be seen here!


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  1. Nguyen Tran Son

    Thank you.

    Your template is very beautiful.

    Son Nguyen

  2. thnQ

  3. Simple and Elegant. Thanks much.

  4. wow that’s what i was looking for , simple and beautiful , perfect. Thanks!

  5. Joana Carvalho

    thanks!It’s perfect!;)

  6. Many thanks, working wonderfully!!

  7. Ashok Gaikwad

    Thanks for a good, simple style file.

    Prof. Ashok Gaikwad (Pune)

  8. Many thanks indeed!! I like it so much!

  9. I have a recommendation, I agree to your template this:

    % Not enumerated chapter


    % First enumerated chapter


    % Last pages for ToC

    With the advantage, that in a different .tex you can have each chapter, doing easier the writting of the book. It’s a beautifull template, thanks you so much

  10. Hi I need latex template sample file please give me

  11. There’s a link to the template in the post…

  12. Thank you for sharing!
    Best regards,
    Nhan Nguyen

  13. probably dead links

  14. Updated the location of the PDF and tex files to a new server; links shouldn’t be broken any more.

  15. thx, that was quick

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