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Let’s go freelancing :)

It’s been almost 4 years working for Lanedo, and I don’t regret a single day having worked for them. Still, I believe it was a time for a change in my life, and since February 1st I am now working as a freelance developer.

I’ve really been involved in pretty different things during my professional life… antivirus desktop applications and gateways, satellite orbit determination and time synchronization systems, VoIP-based push-to-talk server development, and of course NetworkManager, ModemManager, libqmi, libmbim, Tracker, OpenWRT or GTK+.

I would love to keep on working on all these Free Software projects, but I’m also open to exploring new technologies. Change is always good, they say.

So, if you’re looking for a passionate software engineer to develop, improve or integrate your system, just check my website and get in touch. I’d love to hear about your needs and issues and how we can solve them together 🙂


Look ma’, I’m flying!

I’ve always wanted to try to fly in a small airplane, and this weekend my girlfriend got me as birthday present a short introduction into ultra/microlight aircrafts, including a 30-min flight. I operated the aircraft during the whole trip, except for takeoff and engine-less landing, and I even got a video of it!

The flight started from the small town of Camarenilla, and we ended up flying over the beautiful city of Toledo, one of the former capitals of the Spanish Empire.

This short video comes with the original audio:

This long video comes with music, and includes the recording of most of the trip, including landing.

My pictures from Aspen here and there

Sometime ago the people organizing the Boostcon contacted me to see if they could publish a picture I took in Aspen during my participation in the NVOSS. Even if I’m a pure ANSI C guy, I accepted 🙂

Aspen Meadows resort

This last week, the german online magazine ScienceGarden contacted me for exactly the same reason, but they chose different pictures:

Aspen Center for Physics
Beautiful Aspen

So, if any other person wants to publish more images of Aspen, feel free, and a reference is always appreciated!