Looking for a ModemManager logo

Hey designers!

ModemManager (a.k.a “MM“) is a small daemon which takes care of controlling your broadband devices in your GNU/Linux system. We currently don’t have a logo for ModemManager, so if you’re a designer with some free time, share your ideas! Something simple, similar to the NetworkManager logo would be great, actually.

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  1. ModemManager is small? I tried to cross compile it for my OpenWrt box and it ran into the corner and cried for hours. A 500KB daemon depending on 1MB of libraries is enormous by other metrics 😛

  2. We (just) depend on GLib/GIO, GDBus and GUdev 🙂

  3. Would you recommend trying out what’s in trunk (err… master)? I see you’ve basically rewritten most of ModemManager 😀

    Also, any tips on getting the size down? Is it possible to only build particular plugins? In OpenWrt it’s simple to only package up desired plugins, but if I can save the compilation time then that would be most excellent!

    Also, I saw your QMI branch of OpenWrt and I got excited. Thanks for your work!

  4. ModemManager in git master is currently kind of unstable, even if there are real world users already out there, like Chromium/ChromeOS. So, yeah, you can use it, although you may find sporadic issues here and there.

    For getting the size down; you can definitely package plugins in different packages.

    And for the QMI branch of OpenWRT… stay tuned, I’ll be blogging about that next week 🙂

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