Knight’s Tour brute force algorithm example

(From Wikipedia) The Knight’s Tour is a mathematical problem involving a knight on a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and, moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once. A knight’s tour is called a closed tour if the knight ends on a square attacking the square from which it began (so that it may tour the board again immediately with the same path). Otherwise the tour is open.

Just developed my brute-force algorithm implementation, using GLib and based on a simple recursive function.

Download and try it here!

As an example of result, this is the open Knight’s Tour found by the algorithm in a 5×5 board, starting from position [0,0]:

And this one, the first Knight’s Tour found by the algorithm in a 8×8 board, starting from position [0,0]:

Both examples above show open Knight’s Tours.

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  1. u did a great job.n it is realy simple solve using u r algo…

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