Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

I really had to write an email (quoted below) to the author of this blog post regarding the old GNU/Linux vs Linux battle

Just wanted to tell you that you are sooooo wrong in most of the things
you say… and that it is very very funny how you say you can remove all
GNU apps from several distros.

Did you remove GNU coreutils? Then how can you for example do a simple
“ls” in the command line?

Oh, and do you know what the “G” means in GNOME?

Glib? GTK+? All GNU packages.

And you’re part of an Ubuntu LoCo team —> What about Bazaar, widely
used in Ubuntu, as it is written by Canonical people… Also a GNU

Tell me now what you get if you remove all GNU packages from Ubuntu (if
theoretically possible). Including GLib, GTK+ (and of course all their
dependencies); including coreutils, bash, gdb, gcc… including the
glibc (GNU C library)!

Now what you will probably get?

Probably *nothing*. Even the Linux kernel depends on the glibc.

Now, next time, I would suggest you just read a little bit more and
understand what GNU means, before writing such wrong post.

Check which is the whole list of GNU packages here:

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  1. What are you doing ranting with an Ubuntu noob? it seems that now a days everyone is a “heavy FOSS developer and Enthusiast.”

    Ubuntu is what all of this pseudo-guru wannabes were waiting for… an easy to use non-windows operating system so they can explode all their ego…

    I bet those are the same people that couple of years ago were showing off how 31337 they were because managed to bypass the Windows genuine advantage notification…


  2. It’s too bad you didn’t actually read that post. If you did you’d have realized I didn’t say I removed ‘all’ GNU applications. I gave a percentage of applications on my system that came from GNU. When did I ever say I use Gnome?

    As far as me thinking I’m some elite hacker for WGA… No, I just remove it when I need to instead of leaving it in the OS. I use a special editor for that. Truth is, it’s dead simple and any moron can do it. However, I don’t use Windows very much anymore and all the systems are legit.

    I could dive into it… but I really have no interest in running on and on to explain something on such a worthless blog. If you really want to dispute my views, then perhaps you should actually approach me instead of leaving a whiny little rant that takes over a year to even be found.

  3. Dude, the blog post is *actually* the email I shared with you when you originally posted your funny rant, as the comments in your blog where disabled at that time.

    And no, I will not again read your post to try to debate your comments. You could have easily updated it since you first wrote it, and anyway, I already read it one year ago and it was too much for my little mind. I prefer to waste my time reading the bible than reading your post again.


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